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NO SIGNAL 4th at SillyVenture2010

My little 16KiB intro went fourth on SillyVenture code compo with fierce competition of JAC/de, Pr0be/pl and Trilobit/fin taking up the top places.

It was a lot of fun to mash up this intro and I hope you will be smiling, too.

Too bad it was really late when the demo was presented, so not all jokes went really well.

First screen is [NO SIGNAL] message, imitating the unplugged projector signal cable what is a cliche signal for signing a quasi-religious song amongst Polish atarians.

Then comes a facebook joke with the main feat - animated 10+9 mode mini-clip recorded during Glucholazy 2K9 party. It was a really tough task to fit all these frames, song and other graphics into 16KiB, ignited mainly by pirxompression.py - a small 8-bit image compression "library".

Posted by pirx on Wed, 29 Dec 2010